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Affable April Staff Picks

Is that a flower breaking through the mud and snow? Will it rain, snow, hail, or be a beautiful day? Should everything be written in vers? These are the questions we ask during the month of April. We can't answer those questions, but we have a whole bunch of books that answer the question: What should I read?

In honor of National Poetry Month, here are some reviews in verse:


Jenna is crooning about: Plastic

The following review is a tribute to 90s supergroup Aqua…

She’s a plastic girl in a plastic world
Things are manic, there’s a panic
You dissociate, into a virtual state.
Erin’s secrets will lead her to her own crypt.
Come on reader - lets go deeper! O O O yeah
Come on people - these are symbols. oooOOOooo oooOOOooo
-Jenna (aka next US Poet Laureate)  

Megan is exulting: I Cheerfully Refuse

Cheerfully Refuse

In honor of National Poetry Month, a review in haiku:
A man and his boat
Soul-search on Superior
It will make you cry


Virgie is penning many a sonnet about: James


In honor of National Poetry Month, a poem.

An age old story
Of Huckleberry Finn
Told from the perspective
Of Huck’s slave, Jim.

White boy Huck
Is afraid of his dad.
Jim learns he’ll be sold,
Which makes him very sad.
Together they plan to run away
So Jim will not be sold.
They find a river and direction to travel
That is treacherous and bold!

On their journey Jim explains
The ways Black slaves must act.
Huck thinks these “rules” are ludicrous,
But sadly it’s a fact!

Can you begin to imagine
If the narrative does change?
If Jim becomes the Master
And the Master becomes James!

This new twist of the story
Of Huckleberry Finn
Is a masterpiece of emotions
That will cause your thoughts to spin.


Ryan is waxing poetic about: Stitches


Come now, don’t be scared
Of masters Ito and Kihara, paired
Bringing us to realms untold
Of talking tumors and faceless girls bold

Each tale will unfold
To bring us terror we don’t usually see
They get you in stranglehold
These stories are as good as can possibly be

Don’t go putting on airs
Come with us into the dark
These two are beyond compare
If you’re new here? Stitches will be just the start


Izzy is trying to express their love for: The Green Creek Novels


A Haiku about a shifter romance that is so much more:

Queer Werewolves run wild
Love, Community, Action
Comfy Warm Stories





Alex is contemplating: Raw Dog

Raw Dog

Haiku Review:
Encased meat sandwich
Journey to many places
Found more than hot dogs






Danielle is spitting bars about: The First State of Being

The First state of being

There once was a boy from the future
Fascinated with 90’s culture
When he got here
He had lessons to share
And taught us that life’s an adventure!